How to get to location


AMBASSADOR CUP 2009 will be held at Sport Center De Bongerd, Bornsesteeg 2, 6708PE Wageningen.

To get to Wageningen

You can use NS train by stopping first at Ede-Wageningen station. From the station, you will continue to travel by bus to reach Wageningen. From the train platform, go downstairs to find the LaPlace café.  Turn to the left, and go upstairs to exit the station. The bus stop would be located to the left by the big schedule board. The bus to Wageningen is the Bus 88 (Veolia, blue colored) and it departs in every 15 minutes. you can check the departure schedule in the board.

The trip to Wageningen takes time around 15 minutes, and it uses 3 stripes of Strippenkaart (equal to €2.60). Stop by the Bornsesteeg stop (right after Hoevestein) to reach the location. From the bus stop, you can see an apartment (a student house) right in front of you which is named also Bornsesteeg. With Bornsesteeg building on your left, continue to walk to north for around 100 m. You will notice a large board sign in front of you, says “Sport Center de Bongerd – Wageningen Universiteit).  Turn to the right by the board, and continue to walk about 125 m until you see the Sport Center de bongerd building on your right.

Transportation in Wageningen

The available public transportation in Wageningen is by bus. Therefore, we sincerely remind you to bring your own Strippenkaart for easy travelling on Wageningen. Of course, walking around by feet is also an alternative because many locations in Wageningen could be easily reached on foot.


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