As a participant of AMBASSADOR CUP 2009 and a guest in Sport Center De Bongerd – Wageningen, you are obligated to follow the rules during the tournament. General rules are presented below, along with the link to the rules of each sport category governing the match.

General Rules

1. All users of each site must observe the rules and comply with any directions the management may give to ensure the smooth, safe and efficient operation of the site.  The  AMBASSADOR CUP 2009 commitee and Sport Center De Bongerd management may hold you liable for any damage or destruction caused.

2. The AMBASSADOR CUP 2009 commitee and Sport Center De Bongerd management are never responsible or liable for personal accidents, injuries sustained or other bodily harm, and any ensuing loss, nor for the theft of or damage to goods of participants.

3. Every participant is obliged to not caused sensation or interrupts the normal sport activities that takes place in Sport Center De Bongerd.

4. Smoking is prohibited in the entire Sport Center De Bongerd, with the exception of the terrace.

5. There is also a strict no eating policy / chewing of gum in this specified area:  badminton court, table tennis court, squash court, and tribunes.

6. Clean non-marking indoor sports shoes are required for all indoor activities (i.e. in badminton, table tennis, and squash court); black soled shoes are not permitted on any indoor courts.

Tournament Rules

Badminton match

Tennis match

Table Tennis match

Squash match


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