Rules for Badminton

Rules and schemes for badminton match: Singles and Doubles

Table 1 – Distribution of badminton players AMBASSADOR CUP 2009: DOUBLES (Pool A-D)

Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
1 Ton van Empelen / Kevin Baak Andy Tan / Melissa Melvin Muljadi / Roger Guci Agus Yap / Andrie Ochtman
2 Quy Dung (Peter) Din / Le Houng Tran Welling / Robby Agus Jayani / Kimberly Fahmi / Untung
3 Mulyadi / Ivan Yang Li / Chuh Xu Song Agus Purwanto / Irman Daniel Harsono / Pungki Sugiharto
4 Pak Yurdi / Patner Rina / Gusti Andi Tudiono / Mardjoko Rio Juni Putra / Mone Stephanu

Table 2 – Distribution of badminton players AMBASSADOR CUP 2009: DOUBLES (Pool E-H)

Pool E Pool F Pool G Pool H
1 Helmi Mahara / Shantosa Yudha S Raymon Frediansyah / Ismail Habib Muhammad Jaka Santoso / Supriyanto Ari Hakim / Iwan
2 Faris / Wahyu Xu cheng / Ke peng Syafwan / Hadiyanto Lisong Ma / May
3 Ayu Nurinsiyah / Annisa Joviani Munir / Imran Qi Jing / Ying Jian Liu Ray Winata / Muhammad Yusuf
4 Julius T / Rahma Saiyed Untung / Agus Purwanto Bagus / Benno Fuad / Ferry

Table 3 – Distribution of badminton players AMBASSADOR CUP 2009: SINGLES

Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D Pool E
1 Uun Santoso Robby Roger Guci Melvin Muljadi Kevin Baak
2 Ismail Habib Jaka Santoso Kimberly Supriyanto Quy Dung (Peter) Din
3 Daniel Harsono Lisong Ma Syafwan Mardjoko Ray Winata
4 Ayu Nursiyah Nuril Huda Ke Peng Zhenwei Ye Joeri Smits
  1. The total players registered for doubles match are 32 pairs. Pairs are divided into 8 groups. Every group consists of 4 pairs, which are ordered from the highest rank to the lowest. (Refer to Table 1)
  2. There are 20 players registered for the singles match. Players are divided into 5 groups where each group consists of 4 players ranked from the highest to the lowest. (Refer to Table 2)
  3. Each game is played to 21 points, with players scoring a point whenever they win a rally.
  4. Singles and doubles match are done by two winning set.
  5. Every pair in each group plays 6 times in the first round. The pair who wins with the highest point will advance to the next round.
  6. Specifically for singles match: Three runner-ups with the highest points in the first round will advance to quarterfinal (8 players are needed in the quarter final).
  7. Scoring will be recorded and counted to determine the rank for the next stage with special software.
  8. First round of doubles will be held first, then continued with the singles’ first round by the same method.
  9. The next round will be played by single-elimination method.
  10. There are no round of 1/8 finals for the singles match. After the first round, players will automatically get into quarterfinals.
  11. The scheme in the round of 1/8 finals for doubles is arranged as followed:
    • First winner of Group A will face the runner-up of Group B. The runner-up of Group C against the first winner of Group D, etc.
  12. Time estimated for the match:
    • 2 hours for the first round,
    • 30 minutes for round of 1/8 finals,
    • 30 minutes for quarterfinals (1/4),
    • 30 minutes for semifinals (1/2),
    • 40 minutes for finals.
  13. The total time allocated for the badminton matches is 6,5 hours.
  14. Warming-up must be done before you enter the field so the game could be held in accordance to the time allocated.
  15. Schedule for the match could be seen at Table 3. Below the tables you can also see the matches’ scheme.

Table 4

Time Allocation Game



1st round doubles



1st round singles



Round of 1/8 finals doubles



Quarterfinals singles and doubles



Semi finals singles and doubles



Singles and doubles final





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