Rules for Squash

  1. The game will be played based on one on one competition, using a double yellow squash ball.
  2. Two person with the highest point from the competition table will be claimed as the winner and runner-up.
  3. The match will be done by rally point scoring.
  4. The winner is decided by a three winning set system or if the game has reached 50 minutes play.
  5. For the three winning set, the first player to gain 11 points will win the set. If the score is draw at 10-10 points, the match will continue until a difference of 2 points obtained.
  6. If the match by the three wnning set has not finished even if it already reaches 50 minutes time, the player with the highest score wins the game.
  7. Players are obliged to come 5 minutes before the match starts. The committee will give a tolerance of 5 minutes from the match’s schedule. If the player still hasn’t arrived after that, he/she will automatically lose (WO – Walk Out) by 11-0 for 3 sets.
  8. Every match begins with warming-up for 5 minutes. If needed, there will be a break between the sets for about 90 seconds. If time limitation system is applied (50 minutes), then the total time available for the match is 45 minutes (with no break between sets) or 42 minutes (with break between sets).
  9. Players are obliged to use indoor shoes that will not leave a scratches/black stain on the court.
  10. The scheme of the matches is as followed:

Court 1

Court 2

Andrie Ochtam vs Zhenwei Ye Affan Nurachman vs Jimmy Perdana
Andrie Ochtam vs Affan Nurachman Jimmy Perdana vs Raymond ferdiansyah
Zhenwei Ye vs Affan Nurachman Andrie Ochtam vs Raymond Ferdiansyah
Andrie Ochtam vs Jimmy Perdana Affan Nurachman vs Raymond Ferdiansyah
Zhenwei Ye vs Jimmy Perdana
Zhenwei Ye vs Raymond Ferdiansyah

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